scène nationale
Chambéry Savoie

Malraux in Nomadie

The nomadie is not a country, it is a philosophy.
A movement towards the outside.

During the two seasons of work to the Malraux space, we make the choice not to rebuild a temporary structure for programming but to seize the chance to be mobile. Yes it's a chance, go to also work with others.

We will have a base camp at the theatre Charles Dullin where hospitality for the ticket office will be open daily and where will play part of the shows. Another fixed point on the map of artistic proposals will be the room Jean Renoir film. But regularly we will invite you to follow us in different places. Sometimes in
walls, sometimes to the outside. Sometimes in urban areas, sometimes in a bucolic setting. Sometimes for events that aren't quite the show. For two seasons, there will be more than ever wanderings, meetings, cooperation and exchanges. The nomadie, it is a philosophy that turns.

A theatre without walls, is still a project. The project of the national scene of Chambéry and Savoie, you see it, is evolving. He is looking for the right agreement with the changes of the time. It departs a prescriber model, he doubts the universality of the works. He trusts to artists who push the limits of the skills that are commonly attributed to them. It expands the scope of what is known as cultural. It is porous to the energies which surround it but feed. It is organically rooted in its territory. Because the issue of transformation, it's good to make it even more efficient, in the light of today, the beautiful concept of culture for all.

So the nomadie, moving. With implications for us, the team, adaptation, and for you, the public, small cushions and clothing for outings, but above all, discovery and participation in experiments that we hope enjoyable, unique, exciting.

To a location on the map, there is a theatre, for which the communities, the town of Chambery, its suburbs, the auvergne‑rhone‑alpes Region, the Department of Savoie and State investing, and in so doing him draw a horizon. After worried days, this news is good news for the space Malraux. We enter in nomadie at peace, yet more available for movement. We make powerful enough to once again become sedentary, nomadic breath leaves us more.

Marie-Pia Office, Director of the space Malraux

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